Education & Mentoring Committee

Erika Thompson, PhD, MPH, CPH
Chair, Education & Mentoring Committee (2017-2019)
Committee Members:
Alice Richman
Samantha Goldfarb
John Richards
Lois McCloskey
Gene Declercq
Krista Casazza
Elizabeth Valdez
Kathryn “Katie” Corvey
Christine Bozlak
Carolyn Johnson
Shokufeh Ramirez
Daniel Enquobahrie
Lolita McLean
Key Committee Issues:
  • Translating MCH research to teaching & MCH teaching to research
  • Teaching MCH content & practice issues effectively
  • Engaging MCH graduates & young professionals in ATMCH 
  • Supporting junior faculty & professional development (e.g., teaching philosophy & portfolio)
  • Expanding beyond content-specific perspectives to explore & enhance skills in how best to teach MCH (e.g., innovative methods & technologies)

For more information or to join this committee, email the committee leadership.