Education & Mentoring Committee

Erika Thompson, PhD, MPH, CPH
Chair, Education & Mentoring Committee (2017-2019)
Committee Members:
Alice Richman
Samantha Goldfarb
John Richards
Lois McCloskey
Gene Declercq
Yessenia Castillo
Victoria Moerchen
Krista Casazza
Elizabeth Valdez
Kathryn “Katie” Corvey
Sophie Godley
Christine Bozlak
Carolyn Johnson
Shokufeh Ramirez
Daniel Enquobahrie
Miriam “Mim” Gaines
Lolita McLean
Key Committee Issues:
  • Translating MCH research to teaching & MCH teaching to research
  • Teaching MCH content & practice issues effectively
  • Engaging MCH graduates & young professionals in ATMCH 
  • Supporting junior faculty & professional development (e.g., teaching philosophy & portfolio)
  • Expanding beyond content-specific perspectives to explore & enhance skills in how best to teach MCH (e.g., innovative methods & technologies)

For more information or to join this committee, email the committee leadership.