Innovative Teaching Awards

Each year, when funds are available, ATMCH distributes among members a Request for Proposal for Innovative Teaching Awards. Click here to see the 2018 RFP.

ATMCH seeks & rewards teams that will produce innovative & creative MCH educational offerings. Some of the products of previous awards can be found below. 

  • "Advancing MCH Professional Engagement via Mobile Technology" - Team Co-Leaders: Renee Turchi, MD, MPH & Renee Davis, MD, MPH of Drexel Dornsife School of Public Health

  • "Public Health & MCH Competencies for Indigenous Community Health Workers" - Team Leader: Sharon DeJoy, PhD, MPH of West Chester University of Pennsylvania

  • "Conducting Public Health Surveillance and Communicating Data in MCH" - Team Leader: Marie Thoma, PhD, MHS of University of Maryland School of Public Health

  • "Congenital CMV Learning Module for Alabama's Physicians" - Team Leader: Catherine Toms, MD of University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • "Abating Maternal Mortality: Development of an Innovative Curriculum" - Team Leader: Teresa Wagner, DrPH, MS, CPH, RD/LD, CHWI of University of North Texas Health Science Center School of Public Health

  • Integrating a Newly Developed Mobile Application in MCH Education - Developed by Renee Turchi, Drexel University; Raymond Lum, Drexel University; Joel Rodriguez, Drexel University; Stephanie Sutcliffe, Drexel University; Renee Davis, Drexel University