Innovative Teaching Awards

Each year, ATMCH distributes among members a Request for Applications for Innovative Teaching Awards. ATMCH seeks & rewards teams that will produce innovative & creative MCH educational offerings. Some of the products of previous awards can be found below. Click here for the 2016-2017 RFA.

2017 - Newly Funded (stay tuned)!
  • Training the Next Generation of Maternal and Child Health Professionals in Eating Disorders Prevention: Expanding Educational Opportunities via Online Case-Method Teaching - Developed by S. Bryn Austin, Boston Children's Hospital; Holly Gooding, Boston Children's Hospital; Lori Garg, Boston Children's Hospital; Chris Dede, Harvard University; Megan Kipp, Consultant
  • Optimum Infant Feeding Internship for Physicians and Advanced Practice Nurses - Developed by Ellen Chetwynd, North Carolina State University; Rebecca Costello, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; April Fogleman, North Carolina State University; Ami Goldstein, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Amy Sanchez, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Nicola Singletary, North Carolina State University; Catherine Sullivan, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Siobhan Wulff, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

  • Aligning a MCH Disability Leadership Curriculum with Universal Design for Learning - Developed by Emily Graybill, Georgia State University; Kurt Vogel, Georgia LEND-GSU; Molly Tucker, Georgia LEND-GSU; Elizabeth Labbe-Webb, Georgia LEND-GSU; Rachel Esch, Georgia LEND-GSU

  • A Collaborative Teaching Strategy for Building Relationships in Maternal and Child Health - Developed by Ellen Schafer, University of South Florida; Martha Coulter, University of South Florida; Abraham Salinas-Miranda, University of South Florida; Ronee Wilson, University of South Florida

  • Examining Changes in Prevention Guidelines in Maternal and Child Health: Development of an Innovative Teaching Activity - Developed by Erika Thompson, University of South Florida; Cheryl Vamos, University of South Florida; Ellen Daley, University of South Florida (for Word versions of the PDFs below, contact
  • Integrating a Newly Developed Mobile Application in MCH Education - Developed by Renee Turchi, Drexel University; Raymond Lum, Drexel University; Joel Rodriguez, Drexel University; Stephanie Sutcliffe, Drexel University; Renee Davis, Drexel University