Innovative Teaching Awards

Each year, when funds are available, ATMCH distributes among members a Request for Proposal for Innovative Teaching Awards. Click here to see the 2019-2020 RFP.

ATMCH seeks & rewards teams that will produce innovative & creative MCH educational offerings. Current awards & some of the products of previous awards can be found below. 

Awarded & in-process...stay tuned for deliverables!
  • "Advancing Cultural Competence Toward Sexual & Gender Minorities" - Stacey Griner & Erica Spears - University of North Texas
  • "Flexible, Innovative Online Learning Content Development For Aspiring Lactation Experts" - Olivia Anderson & Anna Sadovnikova - University of Michigan & LiquidGoldConcept
  • "A Community-Engaged Approach to Maternal Child Health Policy & Advocacy" - Molly McNulty & Brigit Hurley - University of Rochester & The Children's Agenda
  • "Integrating MCH & Implementation Practice Education" - Oscar Fleming, Meghan Shanahan, Rohit Ramaswamy & Carolyn Halpern - University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  • Integrating a Newly Developed Mobile Application in MCH Education - Developed by Renee Turchi, Drexel University; Raymond Lum, Drexel University; Joel Rodriguez, Drexel University; Stephanie Sutcliffe, Drexel University; Renee Davis, Drexel University