Managing Public Health Programs & Projects

Dr. Patricia Elliott of Boston University became aware of gaps in professional skills development among many master-level students. In an attempt to build and assess professional management skills in the classroom in a very innovative manner, MC820 "Managing Public Health Programs & Projects" was designed, functioning less as a traditional University course and more as an employment experience. Students are employees, working in collaborative teams under the supervision of their employer (professor). The course syllabus is an employee handbook (link below). The course is operated as a private business supporting Public Health organizations with project management. Teams are responsible for a specific topic determined by their client. A real world work environment is simulated, allowing teams to provide their own analysis and report on the most important and relevant factors for their assigned topic. Teams practice self-management and make their own decisions about how to best proceed, how to present information, and how to best allocate space in their ultimate report. Grading and assessment are based on client deliverables, internal work assignments, and individual participation. 

MC820 was featured in a July 2018 Lunch-and-Learn Webinar entitled "Rethinking the Way We Teach Future MCH Leaders: Four Ways to Build Management & Professional Skills among MPH Students".  This webinar was colalboratively produced by ATMCH and the MCH Navigator. The webinar's presentation slides are linked below, as are the archives of the webinar presentation and question-and-answer session. 1.0 CPH credit is available for reviewing the webinar archives and course materials.

MC820 Course Syllabus/Employee Handbook (includes course schedule & list of cases used)

Webinar Slides

Archived Webinar Presentation & Question-and-Answer Session