In 2014, ATMCH membership became free of charge & open to ALL! The membership slates were wiped clean, so to speak. Although it appears that all ATMCH memberships began in 2014, many people have maintained ATMCH membership for 10, 20, 30 or more years! Those members know first-hand how beneficial ATMCH products & activities are to MCH-related faculty, staff, students & practicing professionals from a variety of disciplines in academic settings & MCH-related organizations. As an example, ATMCH members... 

  • ...are the 1st to hear about & can fully participate in ATMCH meetings such as the Greg Alexander Student-Faculty Breakfast & the ATMCH Annual Assembly.
  • ...can be listed in the ATMCH membership directory, which is searchable by speciality.
  • ...receive electronic communications on items of importance to members (newsletters, announcements, etc.).
  • ...are eligible to vote in elections, hold an ATMCH office, and chair an ATMCH committee.
  • ...can nominate & be nominated for the annual Loretta P. Lacey MCH Academic Leadership Award.
  • ...can apply for Innovative Teaching Awards.
  • ...can apply to participate in the ATMCH Mentoring Project as a Mentor or Mentee Program.
  • ...can contribute MCH syllabi to the ATMCH MCH Syllabi Project
  • with each other, collaborate & share knowledge, teaching concepts, skills & materials.

For information about joining ATMCH, contact:

Julie McDougal - ATMCH Coordinator
Phone: (205) 975-0531

Click here for the Membership Application Form (completed & submitted online).

Current and prospective members of ATMCH may also be interested in learning more about joining AMCHP, the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs. To learn more visit the AMCHP web site at