ATMCH Greg Alexander Student-Faculty Breakfast Evaluation-11/1/15

Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagree
The purpose of this event was clear.
Communication from ATMCH prior to this event was sufficient.
The instructions/guidelines for this event were clear.
This event was run in an organized manner.
The format of this event enabled me to meet my personal goals for this event.

ATMCH Annual Assembly Evaluation-11/1/15

Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagree
Communication from ATMCH prior to the Annual Assembly was sufficient.
The objectives for the Annual Assembly were clear.
The agenda for the Annual Assembly was appropriate.
The Annual Assembly was run in an organized manner.
The Annual Assembly was useful to me professionally.


I was unaware of ATMCH
It was inconvenient to join
The organization is not relevant to my work
The quality of activities/resources
The membership fees (ATMCH is now free to join)
Used-very usefulUsed-somewhat usefulUsed-not usefulNot used-not relevant to my workNot used-poor qualityNot used-inconvenient to useNot used-other reason
Greg Alexander Student-Faculty Speed Networking Breakfast at APHA
Annual ATMCH Assembly at APHA (fall business meeting)
ATMCH Webinars
Syllabi & other teaching resources on the ATMCH website
Innovative Teaching Award funding mechanism
MCH Competencies
Other Activities/Resources
Expert technical assistance/consultation services
Mentoring services (from faculty/professional MCH leaders)
Leadership training
MCH-related content (syllabi, policy briefs, case studies, etc.)
Advocacy services/training
Research support/dissemination
Resources for students
Social/networking opportunities with other faculty, staff, students & professionals

Mentor Application

Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4

Mentee Application

In the following textarea, titled "Program Description", describe the current state of this MCH program, including... long the program has been in existence.
...the number of faculty & staff (if academic) or employees (if non-academic) involved in the program.
...the focus of the projects in which current faculty (if academic) or employees (if non-academic) are involved.
...the number & titles of MCH courses taught in the program (if academic).
...the existing connections to academic institutions, community organizations & state/local public health agencies.

Interested in developing a new MCH program
Limited resources available to support program development/strengthening
Would like assistance in facing a particular challenge
Other reason(s)

ATMCH Member Survey Part 2

Section 1.
ATMCH would like its activities and products to be relevant both to its members and to the current environment. Your feedback is critical to the success of ATMCH's transformation. 

Greg Alexander Student-Faculty Breakfast & Speed Networking Event during APHA's Annual Meeting
Annual Assembly during APHA's Annual Meeting
Mentorship Project (if unfamiliar, check out
Innovative Teaching Awards (if unfamiliar, check out
Loretta P. Lacey Academic Leadership Award (if unfamiliar, check out
APHA MCH Section Outstanding Student Papers Awards (if unfamiliar, check out
Skill-building (i.e., innovative teaching techniques online & in-person)
Content-based (i.e., curriculum planning, syllabi)
ATMCH updates (i.e., updates on projects & membership activities)
...RESEARCH (i.e., advancing MCH research & applying results to policies, programs & services)?
...ADVOCACY (i.e., promoting MCH programs & policies)?

What additional ATMCH activities/projects would best support you in meeting your goals in...

Section 2.
ATMCH would like to continue to be an organization that people want to join. For the last few questions, please consider ATMCH benefits, ease of website use, and outreach. 


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