Outstanding Student Authors in MCH

Although called by different names and celebrated in different ways over the years, ATMCH and the APHA MCH Section worked together between 2002 and 2019 to co-sponsor Outstanding Student Authors in MCH in an effort to showcase outstanding work regarding MCH submitted by students in related fields. These submissions are featured at the APHA annual meeting and cover a broad range of topics within the field of MCH. This collaborative effort was designed to advance research related to MCH populations; promote academic contributions and achievement in MCH among graduate students; and foster the development of leaders in science, practice, and policy related to the health of women, children, and families. In an effort to recognize the exemplary research of students, the top 5 authors present their papers at the Greg Alexander Outstanding Student Papers Session and are awarded certificates of achievement. ATMCH offered reimbursement of APHA annual meeting student member registration fees for these students and awarded a cash prize to the top 2 authors ($150 1st place and $100 2nd place).


November 4, 2019 (18th Annual)

Samantha Truong (1st Place) - Trends in facility-based childbirth and barriers to obstetric care at a birth center and community hospital in rural Chiapas, Mexico

Karen Pineda (2nd Place) - Migration to non-firearm homicides and suicides among adolescents in restrictive firearm-legislation states: Does it dilute the effect of restrictive firearm legislation?

Gayle Shipp (2nd Place) - Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy of African American Women at 6 Weeks Postpartum as a Predictor of Breastfeeding Intensity at 6 and 20 Weeks Postpartum

Abdul Shour - Association of prepregnancy diabetes and average birth-weight infant mortality by pregnancy body mass index: Findings from CDC's national vital statistics system, 2011

Etinosa Oghogho - Intentional firearm mortality in children and adolescents, United States, 1999-2016: Impact of state legislation, and access to mental health and specialized pediatric trauma care

November 12, 2018 (17th Annual)

Anna Austin, MPH (1st Place) - Patterns of risk and protective factors among Alaska children and differential associations with child development

Bernadette Lim, BA (2nd Place) - Beyond the Maternal-Infant Bond: Exploring Partner Perspectives of Breastfeeding and Infant Sleep Practices in Resource-Limited Settings

Valentina Osorio - Trends in Weapon Carrying and Use in US Youth and State Firearm Legislation: CDC Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, 2015

Gerardo Ramirez - Experiences of pre-conception through infant's first year: Capturing social determinants of maternal child health using a phenomenological lifeworld approach

November 6, 2017 (16th Annual)

Fatimah Bello, MBChB, MPH (1st Place) - Exploring Differences in Maternal and Infant Characteristics of Deaths occurring within the First 24 Hours and 28 days of Life

Toyin Akomolafe, MPH, BSc (1st Place) - Use of Mobile Health in Prenatal and Postnatal Care - A Systematic Review

Mairim Soto Ortiz, MPH, DrPH(c) - Maternal Pregnancy History Factors Associated with Oral Cleft Risk in a Puerto Rican Population

Maggie Blakemore, MSPH, BSN, RN, FNP, DNP(c) - Engaging and Empowering a Rural North Carolina Community for Positive Change in Reducing IMR: A Survey and Discussion

Mina Qobadi, PhD - Factors Associated with Preconceptional Multivitamin Supplement Intake: Mississippi Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System, 2009-2011

October 31, 2016 (15th Annual)

Brittany Chambers, MPH, CHES (1st Place) - Using an Intersectional Approach: Assessing the Impact Immigrant Status, Insurance & Prenatal Care on Adverse Birth Outcomes Among Mexican Women Residing in the San Joaquin Valley, CA

Aarin Palomares, BS; Samuel Moss, Seth Borgstede (2nd Place) - Evaluating the Impact of an Emergency Obstetric Care (EmOC) Program on Sepsis Outcomes in India

Arti Desai, MPH, PhD(c) - Implications of Sibling Recurrence of Gastroschisis: Understanding the Recurrence Risk from a 12 Year Cohort in Southern California to Ensure Health for Ours Tiniest Generation & Their Families

Brittany Pike - Children’s Reports of Asthma Education Received from their Healthcare Provider

Lauren Mathae, MPH - Factors Influencing the Decision for a Cesarean Delivery in the Dominican Republic

November 2, 2015 (14th Annual)

Dustin W. Currie, MPH (1st Place) - Evaluation of Immunization Status of Contemporary Nurse-Family Partnership Clients

Towanda Street, MA (2nd Place) - Prenatal Care, Smoking & Low Birth Weight

Nicole Michelson - Maternal Subjective Social Status, Psychological Distress & Parent-Child Relationship

Tiara Willie, MA - Parenting Behaviors Among Adolescent & Young Couples: The Critical Role of Polyvictimization

Anthony Kondracki, MD, MPH, CPH - Timing of Smoking During Pregnancy & the Risk of Preterm Birth

November 17, 2014 (13th Annual)

Christine Tucker, MPH (1st Place) - Predicting Preterm Birth Among Participants of North Carolina’s Pregnancy Medical Home Program

Brianna D. Sullivan, MPH; Emily Lopez, MPH; Alicia Ridenour, MSW, MPH; Natalia Schiller, MPH; Teslote Eyob Tadesse (2nd Place) - Challenges in Homeless Health Care: Improving Reproductive Health Services for Homeless Women

Daunette Lemard-Reid, PhD, MSPH, MPAS - Landau-Kleffner Syndrome: An Exploration of Parent Experience of the Diagnostic Process

Alexandria Vigil - Asthma Symptom Perception, School Absenteeism & Healthcare Utilization

November 4, 2013 (12th Annual)

Lauren E. Wisk, BS (1st Place) - Unmet Healthcare Need Among US Children Increases Subsequent Ambulatory Care Sensitive Utilization

Cara Bicking Kinsey, MS, RNC (2nd Place) - Effect of Previous Perinatal Loss on Health Behaviors in Subsequent Pregnancy

Mariano Kanamori, PhD (2nd Place) - Emergence of Overweight Problems Among Orphan & Vulnerable Child Caregivers in Southern Africa

Megan Shepherd-Banigan, MPH - Paid Leave Benefits of Working Mothers with Children

Megan Brewster - Adherence to Treatment Guidelines & Barriers to Access of Health Care Services in Children & Adolescents with ADHD

October 29, 2012 (11th Annual)

Cara Bicking Kinsey, MS, RNC (1st Place) - Reliability & Validity of a Modified Version of the Postpartum Bonding Questionnaire

Elizabeth Radcliff, MSPH (2nd Place) - Hospital Use, Associated Charges & Payer Status for Infants Born with Spina Bifida

Lauren E. Wisk, BS - Receipt of & Barriers to Guideline Appropriate Influenza Vaccinations Among Pregnant Women in the US

Irene Headen, BS - Prepregnancy Weight, Socioeconomic Status & Racial Differences in Gestational Weight Gain: Exploring Impacts of Confounding & Interaction

Adiba Ali, MS - Racial/Ethnic Disparities for Family Meals in a Population-Based Cohort of Two-Year Old Children, Oregon, 2006-2008

October 31, 2011 (10th Annual)

Hsin-Chieh Chang, MSPH (1st Place) - Neighborhood-Level Determinants of Smoking During Pregnancy in Los Angeles: Findings from the Los Angeles Mommy & Baby (LAMB) Survey

Christi M. Navarro, MS (2nd Place) - Sexual Risk Behaviors in Gendered Context Among Youth

Kate C. Riera, PhD - Social Support & Outcomes of an Early Birth

Barbara Singer, MSPH, MSW - Importance of Men: The Influence of Paternal Involvement on Infant Mortality

November 8, 2010 (9th Annual)

Alexa Gallagher, MSPH (1st Place) - Weight Gain During Pregnancy in Obese Women: Should They Gain Even Less?

Elizabeth Jensen, MPH (2nd Place) - Participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants & Children (WIC) & Breastfeeding: National, Regional & State Level Analyses

Regina Davis, MPH, CHES - Association Between Inadequate Gestational Weight Gain & Infant Mortality Among US Infants Born in 2002

Liang Wang, MD, MPH - Effects of Maternal Depression on the Development of Childhood Obesity

Claudia Twum, BA - An Epidemiologic Study of the Impact of Air Pollution on Birth Weight in Georgia

November 9, 2009 (8th Annual)

Michelle L. Precourt Debbink - Local Racial Residential Segregation & Low Birthweight in Michigan Cities

Margaret L. Holland, MS, MPH - Self-Efficacy as a Mediator Between Child Hospitalizations & Maternal Depression

Chinelo Amarachukwu Ogbuanu, MD, MPH - Balancing Work & Family: The Effect of Employment Characteristics on Breastfeeding Initiation

Liang Wang, MD, MPH - Prevalence & Risk Factors of Maternal Depression During the First Three Years of Childrearing

Sara M.A. Donahue, MPH - Comparison of Pre-Pregnancy Weight and Height Recorded on Birth Certificates and in the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System

October 27, 2008 (7th Annual)

Noor Afshan Sabzposh, MD, MPH - Association of Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy (HDP) with Obesity & Prematurity in an Inner-City Population

Malini Devi Persad, MPH - Food Insecurity, Dietary Quality & Psychosocial Factors Among Urban Pregnant Women

Leslie Stewart, BA - Maternal Employment Instability & Childhood Overweight: A Longitudinal Study

Stephen Nkansah-Amankra, PhD, MPH, MA - Multilevel Analysis of Neighborhood Factors & Maternal Behaviors in the Prevalence of Low Birth Weight & Preterm Births in a South Carolina PRAMS Population

Chinelo Amarachukwu Ogbuanu, MD, MPH - Reasons Why Women Do Not Breastfeed: A Southeastern State Study


November 5, 2007 (6th Annual)

Ashley Schempf, PhD (1st Place) - Neighborhood Effects on Birth Weight: An Exploration of Psychosocial & Behavioral Pathways

Cynthia Cassell, PhD (2nd Place) - Timeliness of Services Among Infants with Orofacial Clefts in North Carolina, 1995-2002

Della Anne Campbell, PhD, APRN-C - Impact of Combined Maternal Alcohol & Tobacco Use on Low Birth Weight in Singleton Pregnancies: A Population Based Study in the US, 2003

Ellen Y. Wan, MPH - Postpartum Mental Health in Mainland China: A Call for Action

Christine H. Brackett - Malnutrition Rehabilitation & Prevention in Rwandan Children: Measuring Impact & Sustainability of a Rural Intervention


November 6, 2006 (5th Annual)

Jessica A. Taubner, MPH(c) (1st Place) - Maternal Outcomes When Prior Cesarean is the Only Indication for a Repeat Cesarean, Massachusetts, 1998-2003

Mark McLaughlin (2nd Place) - Improving the Linkage of Deliveries Across Time Using Vital Records & Hospital Discharge Data

Heather M. Bradford, CNM, ARNP, MSN - Variation in the Accuracy of Recorded Maternal Events in Birth Certificates & Hospital Discharge Data Between Physicians & Certified Nurse-Midwives

Sara L. Stewart, MS - Knowledge Discovery (KDD) in Birth Certificates for Preterm Birth Prediction

Qing Li, MD, MM - Social Contexts (Neighborhood & Family) & Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Among Low-Income Pregnant Women: Multilevel Analysis


December 12, 2005 (4th Annual)

Elizabeth Anson, BA (1st Place) - Relationship Between Verbal Ability, Maternal Depression & Physically Aggressive Behavior Among Children

Aliza Monroe-Wise (2nd Place) - Social Instability & Violence in Relation to the Risk-Taking Behaviors of Young Adolescents in Rural KwaZulu/Natal, South Africa

Allison Appleton - A State Level Analysis of the Relationship between Women’s Social Status & Child Health & Well-Being in the United States

Tamara Dubowitz, MSc, SM - Individual & Neighborhood Demographic Factors of Fruit & Vegetable Consumption Among Low-Income Postpartum Women

Rada K. Dagher, MPH, PhD(c) - A Longitudinal Analysis of Postpartum Depression Among Employed Women

November 9, 2004 (3rd Annual)

Sona P. Patel, MPH - Postpartum Depression: Screening Tools & Associated Risk Factors

Leslie Bramson, RN, MPH - SOFT: A Definitive Tool For Nurses to Measure (S) Skin-To-Skin, (O) Open Eye-To-Eye, (F) Finger-Tip-Touch & (T) Time-Together Between the Infant & Mother in the Immediate Postpartum Period & Its Effect on Breastfeeding Rates

Debbie Barrington, MPH - Intergenerational Relationships Between Socioeconomic Factors & Low Birth Weight Among African-American & White Women

Laura E. Studee, MPH - Pregnancy-Associated but not Related Deaths in Illinois, 1994-1998

Hao Yu - SCHIP Eligibility & Access to Care for Children with Special Heath Care Needs: Results from a Nationally Representative Survey

November 17, 2003 (2nd Annual)

Tricia M. Michels, MPH - How Do Adolescents Make Decision Regarding Sexual Activity & Safer Sex?

Deborah L. Dee, MPH - Increasing Breastfeeding Duration Among Low-Income Women: The Success of the In-Home Breastfeeding Support Program

Lee Chaix McDonough, MSW, MSPH - Perinatal Depression Screening Practices Among OB/GYN Attending Physicians & Residents

Pamela Jean Surkan, MS - Growth Retardation & Risk of Stillbirth in Subsequent Pregnancy

Jane Lazar - Identifying Multiple Gestation Groups Using State-Level Birth & Fetal Death Certificate Data

November 12, 2002 (1st Annual)

Wendy C. Sheay, MPH - Perinatal Mortality in First-Born Versus Second-Born Twins: Effects of Birthweight & Fetal Growth Restriction

Geeta Nanda, MHS - Utilization of Medical Services Among Rural Women with Maternal Morbidity in Karnataka State, Southern India

Sarah C. Janicki, AB - Association Between Prenatal Depression & Indicators of Health Behavior, Income Status, Predisposing Health Conditions & Protective Support

Megan E. Brown, MPH - Pre-Testing Tobacco & Media Survey Items for Adolescents

Andrea N. LaFazia-Nielsen, MSW - Transition to Middle School & the Prediction of Violent Behaviors