Workforce Development Committee

Heather Johnson, MPH
Co-Chair, Workforce Development Committee (2016-2017)
Joan Bloch, PhD, CRNP
Co-Chair, Workforce Development Committee (2016-2017)
Committee Members:
John Richards
Arden Handler
Angie Boy
Tina Simpson
Edmond Shenassa
Elizabeth 'Babette' Greenwell
“ provide national leadership in educating our nation’s future professionals in MCH education, research & service.” 
“ support education, training & technical assistance to MCH-related faculty, staff, practicing professionals & students in academic settings & MCH-related organizations to ensure that a well-prepared workforce of public health & interdisciplinary health care professionals are in the pipeline to address the complex needs of our nation’s increasingly diverse MCH population.”
Key Committee Issues:
  • How best to extend teaching beyond the classroom
  • Career development
  • Jobs
  • Interfacing with the external community
  • Working across silos to develop coalitions towards the achievement of goals

For more information or to join this committee, email the committee leadership.