Developed by:

Molly McNulty, JD – Assistant Professor of Public Health, University of Rochester

These ITA funds were used to develop a new course, Maternal Child Health Policy and Advocacy, with 3 aspects: (1) a legal approach to teaching MCH policy, (2) a community-engaged partnership with 2 policy and advocacy agencies, and (3) a focus on undergraduates. This course melds standard MCH coursework about policies and programs with the added overlay of a law and policy-making framework and a community-level perspective on policy and advocacy. The course is structured following a political science model known as the “stages framework of policy-making”.

“Early Intervention (Part C) Law, Policy & Advocacy (Agenda Setting Stage) – With contributions from Brigit Hurley, Advocacy Director, The Children’s Agenda, Rochester, NY

“Adolescent & Young Adult E-cigarette Law, Policy & Advocacy” (Implementation Stage)

“TBD” (Problem Definition Stage)