The Association of Teachers of Maternal & Child Health (ATMCH) is a not-for-profit organization housed at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and funded by the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) Maternal & Child Health Bureau (MCHB) through a subcontract with the MCH Navigator at Georgetown University’s National Center for Education in Maternal & Child Health. ATMCH is led by an executive team consisting of Martha Wingate, DrPH; John Richards, MA; and Julie McDougal, MAE.

Program guidance is provided by the MCH Navigator Advisory Board that consists of representatives from the Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs (AMCHP); CityMatCH; the National MCH Workforce Development Center; the Centers of Excellence in MCH Education, Science & Practice; and Title V MCH/CYSHCN agencies. The HRSA Division of MCH Workforce Development also plays a crucial role in guiding ATMCH activities. Prior to 2021, a separate ATMCH Advisory Board, composed of diverse representatives of the target audience, provided input on programmatic activities.

Over the course of the next funding cycle (2021-2026), subcommittees may be assembled to focus on topics such as webinars; electronic communications; and training, networking, and mentoring events/activities. Any and all ATMCH members are invited to join a subcommittee & help ATMCH best serve current & future academic faculty providing MCH content to others! Email to learn more or volunteer.

Executive Team

Martha Wingate, DrPH
John Richards, MA
Julie McDougal, MAE