In October 2013, AMCHP released a final set of life course indicators as the culminating product of a year-long effort to identify and promote standardized indicators to measure progress using the life course approach to improve maternal and child health (MCH).  A National Expert Panel guided this work and the selection of the final set took place through a collaborative process with seven state teams: Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska and North Carolina.  During this webinar, presenters provided an overview of the Life Course Metrics Project and it’s process, sharing key decision points and methods for engaging the MCH community.  Representatives from state MCH programs, including MCH epidemiology, shared their perspectives on participating in the project, the challenges, and lessons they learned, and how the life course indicators will influence their work and future efforts. The webinar concluded with a discussion on the implications of the life course indicators for the field of MCH and beyond.  

The final set of life course indicators and their supporting resources are available HERE.

Access a complete (audio and visual) recording of the web event HERE

Access the FAQ from the webinar HERE.

Speakers included:

  1. William Sappenfield, MD, MPH–Chair, Department of Community and Family Health, University of South Florida College of Public  Health, National Expert Panel Member, and AMCHP Consultant (to view slides, click HERE)
  2. Ghasi Phillips, ScD, MS–Senior MCH Epidemiologist/CDC MCH Epidemiology Assignee, Division of Community Health Promotion, Florida Department of Health (to view slides, click HERE)
  3. Brenda Fink, ACSW–Director, Division of Family and Community Health, Michigan Department of Community Health (to view slides, click HERE)

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