As part of ATMCH’s mission to support excellence in teaching MCH, ATMCH members can share valuable, original educational resources with others via the ATMCH Teaching & Learning Resources web page (formerly the “MCH Syllabi Project”). Upon revising or starting a new MCH course or instructional endeavor, we encourage our members to review the syllabi and educational resources that have been shared. Below, we have a variety of syllabi and educational resources arranged under different topic areas. By clicking on the title of the resource, you can access the full resources with all submitted supplementary materials.

These syllabi/educational resources have been submitted voluntarily by ATMCH members. If you use any of the resources below, please credit those who developed the materials, as appropriate.

We also encourage our members to share any educational resources they have developed. Submissions are not limited to syllabi – we encourage the sharing of other evidence-based or innovative educational strategies for training or education in MCH.

When submitting a resource for posting, please submit the following:

1) Title of Syllabus/Educational Resource
2) Instructor/Contact name
3) The submitting Institution/Organization
4) The Format (Syllabus, Teaching Cases, Webinar, Seminar, Multiple)
5) The Level (Graduate, Undergraduate, Graduate or Undergraduate, Practicing Professional, All)
6) Suggestions for Category/Categories under which the submitted resource should be posted

To be posted, send the entire resource and all supplementary materials to the ATMCH Coordinator, Julie McDougal, via e-mail at

Categories for Collected Syllabi/Educational Resources – Click on a category to access all collected syllabi/educational resources under that category

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